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Introducing the highly coveted “Funko Pop! MAGIC #4 NISSA REVANE from Magic the Gathering” – a 2014 edition gem that is a must-have for collectors and fans. This brand-new figure, securely stocked in the U.S., brings the iconic planeswalker Nissa Revane to your collection. Despite a slight imperfection on the front transparent part of packaging, the figure itself remains in pristine, untouched condition, making it a valuable find for both serious collectors and Magic the Gathering enthusiasts.

Key Features:

• 2014 Edition: This rare Nissa Revane Funko Pop! is part of the 2014 Magic the Gathering series, making it a sought-after collector’s item.

• Brand New Condition: The figure is brand new, ensuring it has never been displayed or used.

• Packaging Note: The front transparent plastic of the box shows signs of pressure, likely from shipping. This does not affect the figure’s mint condition.

• U.S. Stock: Available for immediate shipping within the U.S. for quick delivery to your collection.

• Iconic Character: Nissa Revane, a beloved planeswalker known for her connection to nature and elemental magic.

Why This Is a Must-Have:

• Rare find for Funko Pop! and Magic the Gathering collectors.

• Adds significant value and character to any collection.

• Despite packaging imperfection, the figure is in perfect, brand-new condition.

• A unique piece that stands out in any Funko or MTG collection.

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